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With globalization, the rapid economic progress, social development to a high degree of civilization, but also brought the global energy and environmental crisis. The future relationship between the Earth's environment, the future of humanity, our beautiful Mother Earth today are still facing serious environmental pollution and energy shortages brought about confusion and threats. Green energy is not just a national problem, has become a common issue worldwide. The face of this serious situation, the Chinese government has attached great importance to a clear issue of "building a harmonious society-saving environmental protection," the call has energy-saving environmental protection as a basic national policy, many provincial governments have introduced or are being developed related to the promotion system. As social citizens, enterprises and individuals have the responsibility to carry out the cause. It is from this strong sense of social responsibility and mission, WFI International in China and the U.S. government with the support of strong cooperation, WFI was established in Ningbo, China and base of operations in China, the United States nearly three decades of WFI research and development, installation, energy-saving air-conditioning manufacturing leading-edge technology and mature experience, a comprehensive introduction of China, the WFI the industry leaders from the United States, users respected noble brand, ground source energy system experts aim to present a new concept of consumption in China by in front of the world's leading energy saving technology, creative break with traditional central air conditioning performance, extraordinary and realistic to the air-conditioning products in the field of environmental protection to a higher energy state, and comprehensively promote the cause of China's energy saving, power saving and environmental protection of China Construction harmonious society.

WFI USA was founded in 1983 and headquartered in Indiana, is listed on the Toronto stock market brand is globally recognized industry leader in ground-source air conditioning, high-end technology, quality products, satisfactory services, best practices, access to the industry for more than 47% of the market, and was revered as the user, "the twenty-first century, energy-saving air-conditioning recommended", the world's customer satisfaction rate of 98%.

Into China, through the three stages of foundation work, has been fully established a production, research and development, and service management system, has eight outstanding extraordinary. Especially in the end of 2006, WFI-style reforms in China after a series of labor pains, the Cabinet after the reorganization, has been fully launched in the Chinese market work. Currently, production: a five automatic production lines; R & D: research and development and successful marketing has been a 7 series 500 specifications and has excellent quality characteristics of eight; sales: China has established five major business Area, 21 a business office, and built in China in Asia's first sea-water power plants - power plants in Qingdao, the Olympic Sailing Center, represented by nearly 170 million square meters of ground source central air conditioning works; 2007 plans to invest 1.6 million U.S. dollars in China expand the focus of the bombing of three-dimensional, rapid increase in the international brand in China's influence.

Currently, WFI products, technologies, services, tens of thousands of application projects, and over 29 countries and regions worldwide, including the President of the United States to source customized air-conditioning system, Buckingham Palace, and more famous buildings. In China, the Olympic Sailing Center, the first water plant - Qingdao Power Plant, and other fields are applied to the source air conditioning system. WFI to the source of many air-conditioning has been the Chinese government office, hotel, real estate business as a premium hardcover, air conditioning, using the specified products!

"A light heart lives, frugal and Germany to support." WFI energy-saving air-conditioning there, updated to use the new concept of air conditioning, air conditioning consumption to achieve social values, she is not only an air conditioning products, is the moral side of the banner of promoting energy conservation! To promote "energy saving, environmental protection and harmony" is not only uphold the idea of WFI, is "You and I," the purpose of joint action. WFI look forward to your active part in the benefits to the present work to the cause of future generations. Fortunately, our growth in China's attracted worldwide attention, opportunities always favor in every pursuit, with a dream, let us together to shape our history!

Distinguished high-quality products, protection, international professional development system, backed by multinational brands, the strong support of national policy, higher growth opportunities waiting for your immediate action, is now facing various regions of China are invited to "talent" to join

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