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Eligibility criteria for joining the air distribution
In order to jointly develop domestic air conditioner market, to better protect the interests of dealers, but also to ensure the WFI air conditioning products and services in market share and pre-sale, the sale process quality, WFI air conditioning on the distribution of the product dealers require high hardware and software equipment, only with the following aspects of security at the end conditions, in order to become WFI air conditioning dealers:
First, the dealer must be an independent legal personality of companies or entities;
Second, the distributor of the registered capital of not less than 100 million yuan;
Third, the dealer's sales professionals on the ground at the municipal level shall not be less than five provincial-level not less than 10 people;
Fourth, the dealer must have a professional HVAC air conditioning and refrigeration technicians, to at least one city agency, provincial and municipal least three people;
Fifth, apply to become distributors of the company must have a fixed office space, should generally be not less than 50 square meters, require the dealer must have a prototype display spaces;
Sixth, the dealer must have the necessary hardware equipment such as computers, phones, printers, fax machines, transport;
Seven, the dealer must have a complete customer profile management;
Eight dealers in the distribution year, its share of sales of similar products in the region each year more than 10% of its sales, and the proportion of annual increase of 10% or more;
Nine, the dealer must WFI air conditioning and other brands of product characteristics with analysis and understanding;
Ten, the dealer must have a corresponding after-sales force, have the necessary installation and maintenance equipment, machine failure can largely determine the cause and within one hour in the event of failure to inform the Department of WFI air conditioning service company;
XI, all dealers must be signed distribution contracts with the book;
XII All dealers must fill out the detailed schedule and provide qualified materials, air-conditioned headquarters reported WFI review, confirm grade and issue authorization certificate, authorization card before distribution to enjoy air conditioning for their policies WFI, WFI air conditioning company to exercise rights granted;
XIII, all dealers must be subject to WFI's unified air-conditioning market management, must not violate the distribution policy and market regulations;
Fourteen, WFI is divided into three air conditioning dealers, namely: authorized dealers, direct project-level dealer, regional distributor. Eligibility rules at all levels, dealers and distributors to participate in the following specific policy of each type of dealer policy matters.
(Annex: "WFI core dealer agreement""WFI dealer agent Cooperation Agreement""WFI Direct Business Agreement")

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