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War is the strength of modern business enterprise competition, but also the wisdom of the competition manager. "Military forces of the Road, people-oriented, to take account of led." Longevity of the enterprise must have a long-term strategic business plan, successful companies are those that calm must "think the market, market-leading" business. "A market the world", the market became an arena for everyone. The most feared competitors, strategy and cunning to people-oriented business. In the Chinese-style management, by the impact of culture for thousands of years, many companies are undertaking a more or less rigid, institutionalized, handcuffs, centralized control management, the employees binding the hands, are not free to display their ability. Only innovation management strategy, to staff a free play of space, to generate new ideas, new strength, to bear better fruit. Management skills to autonomy from the institutionalized, so to change the nature of management, and promote productivity.

Crop germination in the spring, summer and mature in autumn results in the process, farmers fertilizer to it to impose the appropriate catalyst, the crops will grow better. But at the same farmers, the ultimate result of different harvesting crops, the environment is suitable, more fertilizer science, the better the crops grow, the fruit is even more fruitful. Study of its cause, is the season, especially given growing environment provided the catalyst for different excitation caused. Scientists study shows that when a person stimulated by external conditions, will break the power of conventional trade surplus, which is the human potential. Every normal intelligent people, have the normal ability and potential, stimulation of different external conditions, its potential to generate far as non-normal. WFI's personnel strategy is in accordance with the "empathy" and the principle of "people first" principle, trying to create an excellent environment platform and have a strong catalytic effect of the policy to employees, businesses, consumers build a consumer, distribution, marketing stimulating environment, atmosphere, the formation of a consumer, distributor and marketing personnel interests of the chain, the pressure chain, business chain, the potential to stimulate consumption, stimulate the dealers, marketing staff of passion, and tap the potential of their work, resulting in explosive power, and ultimately create A large team of harmony and win-win, defeating ferocious competitors to win market harvest WFI.
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