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WFI Shows at the first Housing Exchanging Fair
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On December 20, the first Housing ExchangeFair is opened inNingbo International Convention andExhibition Center, lasted for 9 days, ended on December 28.

Lots of people, well-knownbrands corporations of house property, building &; decoration, housing exchangingparticipate.

Toprovide best choice to the customers, the organizer specially invited somewell-known air-conditioning companies to participate.

WFI as one of the leaderof Ground/Water Source Heat Pump(GWSHP), is in the list

At the event, WFI presents theadvantages and disadvantage of the application of Ground/Water Source Heat Pump.

As a new type of green &; energysaving technology, it is one of the best heating and cooling EER(EnergyEfficiency Ratio)tech in the air conditioning system.

Not only the most popular,but also the major project proposed and enhanced by the government.

Theapplication of GWSHP to the buildings can get the favorable policy andsupporting as per the recent gov policy.

The Advantages

Efficient: the soil temperature is constantabout 16centigradeat all seasons, 1-2 degree higher thanthe average temperature, so the heat pump system is high efficiency both in coolingor heating condition.
Energy saving, power saving: In winter, COPis about 4.2, I.e. get 4kW thermal energy by 1kW electricity energy. In summer,COP is about 5.3, get 5 kW cooling capacity by 1kW electricity energy. Efficiencyof energy utilization would be 3-4 time of electricity heating system.
Non-maintenance: Almost no maintenancecost on the buried pipes once running, manpower and cash saving.

Green: Easy getting superficial layer groundsource. Ground source Heat Pump system does energy exchanging through closedwater cycle loop and soil, no destroy to the stratigraphic texture, and nogroundwater consuming, low noise,zeroemissions, no thermal pollution.

Water Saving: Closed loop, by means ofsoil temperature field to cool. Therefore, no evaporation, no waterreplenishing, recycle and water-saving.

Healthy &; Comfortable: No coolingtower, eradicates legionella, make people healthy and comfortable.

Safety: No inflammable and explosive danger,high automaticity, automatic adjust as per the loading.

Reliable: Good design with brandedparts, HDPE pipe, no poison ;,corrosion resistance, toughness, longelongation, good sealing by hot melting and electric smelting.

Long life: Few moving parts, stableworking condition, life to 15 -25 years. HDPE pipe with life of above 50 years.One-time investment and long time benefits.

Multi-function: Heating, cooling, andhot water supplying. Can be the replacement of boiler and air-conditioner.

Renewable: By the soil’s good heatstorage performance, in winter, heat pump get heat and keep cool for summer.Balance the ; ;ground source.

Flexible control, easy operation: Highautomaticity, easy controlling ,stable running, no professional person to monitor.Flexible charging calculation.

This activityincludes various activities for housing exchanging.

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