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Manager's Oration

Dear respected friends,

With the rapid development of global economy, the society is developing towards a high level of civilization, which also brings the global energy and environmental crisis. The earth's environment is much related to the future of all human beings. Today, our beautiful earth is still facing a lot problems and threats caused by environmental pollution and serious energy shortage.

Environmental protection and energy saving is not only a national problem, but a global common issue. The high-speed economic development is at the cost of high energy consumption and pollution. Let it be, the future generations will face the grey sky and exhausted resources! In the face of such serious situation, the Chinese government has paid highly attention to the environment protection, and clearly put forward the call of "building a conservation oriented environmental protected harmonious society". The energy saving and environmental protection has become basic national policy

At present, more and more people realize this problem and tend to choose products which are energy-saving and fit for environmental protection. It’s gradually becoming the consumption custom of every people in the earth. The highly converged society and the worldwide cooperation will push us to pay more attention to the future and social benefits, become the most advanced and highly civilized new consumption custom. Let everyone in the global village take the social responsibility for the future and next generations, and compose a new chapter of human creation of green energy!

Due to this strong sense of social responsibility and mission, WFI manufacturing and operation base was successfully established in Ningbo, China. It has leading technology and mature experience in  geo-energy industry and conservation system, and is ready to serve the consumers of China. With its excellent product, technology and engineering construction capabilities, WFI will try our best to promote the rapid development of China's energy conservation and environmental protection.

Here, I sincerely hope that WFI can closely work with the outstanding distributors who are keen on the energy conservation and environmental protection. We are ready to share the experience in the process of energy-saving business, try in-depth the cooperation in applications of big buildings, and play a leading role in the steady and healthy development of domestic new energy-saving applications; let's keep on using the high technology for environmental protection, constantly break through innovation, and try to do more for low-carbon city’s development.

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